How to add music to OBS #streamersAcademy

Copy the music player URL.
Open OBS, and click `+` to add a new source.
Select Browser source and create a new, call it "Music player"
Configure new source properties
  • URL: Paste the url from step 1
  • Width and height: 300
  • Check "Control audio via OBS"
  • Uncheck "Shutdown source when not visible"
  • Uncheck "Refresh browser when scene becomes active"

We recommend you to set a size of 300x300, this will let you change the layout of the music player easily without resizing the window.

The music player appears in your scene! πŸŽ‰
Confirm the player has been installed

Inside sources, right click on the "Music player" browser source -> Click "Interact"

Confirm streamradiox player

A popup will appear, just simply click on "Confirm!", then close the popup.

Confirm streamradiox player
Configure the audio volume

Once you start playing music through Streamradiox, you will be able to listen to that music through your headphones. However, we also want to send the music to your audience through OBS.

To do so, you need to:

  • Go to "Audio mixer panel"
  • Right click and pick "Advanced Audio Properties"
  • Then, make sure "Music player" has "Monitor off"
That's all!

Just make source to add this source in all the scenes where you wanna have music on. So just copy/paste the browser source in all the scenes that you want to play the music

Any issues or feedback?

If you're having issues to setup our music player, please send us a note to and we'll work to troubleshoot the problem. Also, send us any feature request or other thoughts to

We really welcome your feedback, and hope you find Streamradiox useful!

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